Reponsible Gambling is an important part of the Australia’s gambling market. With gambling addiction rates on the increase, the Australasian Gaming Council has made the promotion of safe and responsible gambling a top priority. As such, there are many initiatives in place to help create awareness about responsible gambling, encouraging players to stay safe when gambling in land-based casinos and online.

The most recent efforts put forth by the Australasian Gaming Council concern online gambling. Currently, a review of the 2001 Interactive Gaming Act is taking place, in which gaming professionals and politicians will determine how safe it would be to legalize and regulate online gambling in Australia. A great deal of time has been spent on this effort, as the gaming council wants to ensure the safest result for Australian players.

The Australasian Gaming Council has a specific strategy to promote responsible gambling. It aims to reduce the rate of problem gambling across the country while making assistance readily available for those who may be effected by a gambling addiction. To achieve this goal, the council sets out to educate players about responsible gambling behaviour as well as ensuring that gambling venues present safe gaming options.

There are also several programs in place that seek to promote responsible gambling. These include self-exclusion, which allows problem gamblers to enter a program where they are restricted from entering casinos across the country. Other programs seek to ensure that gambling operators and other gaming professionals are aware of support services to which they can refer those who present gambling problems.

Every year, Responsible Gambling Awareness week is held. The event, which normally takes place in May, is hosted by GambleAware, an organization that also promotes safe and responsible gambling. During Responsible Gambling Week, researchers and gambling professionals come together to discuss ways in which Australian residents can prevent gambling from controlling their lives and how to keep their gambling habits under control. Every year, researchers present their studies on the subject of responsible gambling, in order to provide insight tp the industry at large.

There are many support services that problem gamblers can take advantage of. A telephone counselling service can be reached at 1800 858 858, which directs nation-wide callers to support services in their local area. A similar service is also available online at Here, individuals can obtain counselling via chat and email, a convenient and anonymous way for them to address their gambling problems.

There are also several charities that seek to provide additional support to families and individuals struggling with gambling addiction. These organizations provide social and financial support those who have been affected by problem gambling. Here are a few charities that provide such assistance.

Mission Australia
Relationships Australia
Salvation Army