Mobile Casinos

The online gambling market is expanding at a rapid rate around the world. Developers are taking great strides in creating new innovations that online casino players can enjoy. Live dealer casinos, flash-based casinos and interactive slots games are just a few of the recent innovations that the online gambling market has seen, but now a new technological breakthrough is taking over: the mobile casino.

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Mobile casinos are becoming incredibly popular in the online gambling world. With the increasing population of smartphone and tablet computer users, we are beginning to see a great demand for mobile gaming. While casual games are popular among certain audiences, many mobile users enjoy playing casino games for cash and sportsbetting using their mobile phones.

Mobile gambling has been its biggest upsurge over the course of the past two years. The 2010 World Cup saw more players than ever logging on from their mobile phones to place live bets while watching matches at the local pub. From this point on, the mobile gambling market saw increased popularity that has yet to wear off.

Initially, sportsbetting applications were the only ones available in the online gambling market – but the range quickly expanded over the course of 2011. Now, you can find full casino suites, like the app offered by Spin Palace online casino, and online poker rooms. While they lack some of the features that you would find in a regular, online casino, their flexibility and convenience make up for this.

When it comes to mobile casino games, Spin Palace was the first to develop a spectacular range of titles. The operator, powered by Microgaming, worked with Spin3 to convert some of its most popular titles into mobile games. Tomb Raider online slots, as well as a wide range of table and card games can all be found in Spin Palace’s online casino suite.

As if being the first to enter the mobile casino market wasn’t enough, Microgaming is now aiming to become the most advanced operator in the mobile gaming industry. The company has just released a brand new mobile gambling platform, which runs on Adobe Air. This new application providers players with improved banking and playability – and is available on Android smart phones.

Mobile casino games are available on a wide range of devices, from Androids to iPhones. Some games can also be accessed on the iTouch and the iPad. For Android users, Samsung tablet computers also support online casino games. So, players can take their gaming with them on the go!