Video Poker

Video Poker is a great game for casual gamers at Australian online and land-based casinos. The game features the same rules that you would find in a traditional poker game – except without all of the tricky strategy involved!

Rules and How to Play
The point of online video poker is to form a winning poker hand with the cards you are dealt. First, the player is dealt 5 cards. They can choose to throw away as many cards as they like before being dealt more. The resulting hand will determine their payout. The hand rankings work in exactly the same way as they would in regular poker. They are:

– Royal Flush (10 J Q K A of the same suit)
– Straight Flush (any sequential cards of the same suit)
– Four of a kind
– Full house (a pair and three of a kind)
– Flush (any cards of the same suit)
– Straight (any set of cards in a row)
– Three of a Kind
– Two Pair
– Pair

In most video poker games, the lowest hand that will pay out is a pair or Jacks or a pair of Tens.

Learning the strategy of video poker is almost as easy as learning the rules. Basically, you should keep any starting hand that already pays. If you discard any of those cards, you could risk not winning anything. If you have three of a kind or a pair, discard the extra cards, as you might have the chance to improve your hand.

If you do not have a winning hand, keep any high cards that are suited, as this could open you up to a high two pair or a flush. Also keep any two unsuited high card or any single high cards. The randomized nature of the game makes it possible for you to make something out of nothing, so it is important to keep your highest cards available.

There are several different variations of video poker out there for players to choose from. The most popular type is Jacks or Better, where the lowest paying hand is a pair of jacks. In Deuces Wild, the 2s in your deck can substitute themselves for any other card, opening you up to some great winning opportunities. Finally, there is Jokers wild, which is played on the same premise as Deuces Wild – the only difference is a Joker is added to the deck and becomes to new wild card.