Solo MahJong Strategy

Solo Mahjong is a popular tile game that is normally played on a casual basis. Only recently has the game gained popularity in the online casino world. In order to win the game and become profitable, there are a few strategies that players can employ.

The object of the game is to clear all tiles from the playing area. However tiles can only be removed if they are matching and if they have one free side and no other tiles on top of it. If the player has no more moves left, they can choose to reshuffle the board, but they are only allowed to do so five times during a game.

The game is highly randomized, so players must depend on their instincts in order to be profitable. Players should always think ahead. As such, they should never remove tiles unless doing so frees up room for more matching. With every paid you eliminated from the board, you should be able to open up new tiles which are readily available to be matched.

While choosing top pairs may seem like the best route to victory, it can often lead to forcing you to reshuffle (a situation that you do not want to get into very often). As such, do not go for the most obvious choices. Ensure that you revealing essential tiles first.

Players should also be sure to sharpen their visual memories before sitting down to play the game. In MahJong, the tiles can begin to look very similar, so players should be wary of turning over tiles that aren’t the same and wasting time. Get to know the game board first and even play a few practice sessions to ensure that you have the right skills to engage in a pay-for-play game.