Solo Mahjong

Solo MahJong is an online version of the popular Japanese tile game. As its name suggests, are not playing against any other players and must complete a winning hand on your own. Each time you start a new round, you must make a wager; if you win the round, you receive a multiple of your Ante bet based on the strength of your hand.

To begin, you are dealt 14 tiles and must discard one in order to create a ‘ready hand’ (one tile away from winning). In order to complete the hand, you have to pick from a ‘wall’ of 24 face-down tiles. You have three chances per round to pick the correct tile to complete your hand. If you lose, the round is over and your initial bet is lost. If you win, a screen will open displaying your hand and how many points each set within it is worth.

There are five suits in the game of Mahjong. A winning hand consists of tiles that all belong to two or three specific sets. A hand is only complete if it consists of complete sets. Here is a list of the complete sets:

Pong: three tiles of the same suit and value
Kong: four tiles of the same suit and value
Chee: three consecutive tiles of the same suit
Pair: two tiles of the same suit and value

The basic strategy to winning solo mahjong is very similar to that of traditional mahjong. Players should be well-aware of the strength of their initial hand and educate themselves about the suits available in the game. One of the most important things that players should remember is beware of removing matching tiles. Upon first glance, it may seem like the quickest way to win. However, if you pick out only match tiles at first, you will run out of tiles to complete the sets in your hand. So, be wise about which tiles you choose first.

When playing the online version of Solo Mahjong, there are plenty of options that players can use to change up the game. Firstly, players can change the suit of the tiles, in order to make it easier for them to match them up upon first glance. Players can also choose an alternative starting position for the tiles, which will effect how the game’s difficulty. Finally, players can activate tiles with special functions, such as wildcard tiles.

There is also an optional time limit for players. This adds additional pressure for more experienced players. Often times, casino operators will award bonuses for completely the game successfully within a certain period of time.