Solitaire Strategy

Solitaire is an unusual game to see at casinos, but it is widely present in the online casino world. Players can take part in Klondike solitaire games for the chance to win impressive cash prizes. After placing an initial wager, the player must complete the game within an allotted period of time in order to claim their prize money.

While there are some randomized elements in solitaire, the game is largely based on skill. We recommend practicing the game in a non-pay version first in order to perfect your strategy before moving on to games on which you have to place wagers.

The first thing that players should also remember is not to disturb the Next Card Protection. What this means is that the player should not move a card from a row into an Ace stack unless there is a place on the board for the next card below it. For example, if you have the 6 of clubs and it could potentially be moved to an Ace stack, you have to ensure that a 5 of hearts of diamonds will be able to be played if you move that particular card. This is a key strategy to remember when playing Solitaire.

Aside from that, there are a few general rules that Solitaire players should abide by in order to secure a positive outcome. Firstly, players should play Aces and 2s as soon as they can, while Kings should only be played if they can benefit the biggest stack of downcards. Players should also remember not to clear a King from its space unless there is another King waiting to take its place.

The aim of the same is to get all of the cards into the Ace stacks at the top of the board. While many players try to do this right away, this is not always the best strategy, as it can block other moves from being made in the long run. So, players should only move cards into the Ace stacks when it does not interrupted Next Card Protection, when it frees up a space for a downcard or when it clears up a spot for a King.

5, 6, 7 and 8 are also key cards when playing Solitaire. Players should not move any of these cards unless the move allows for a downcard to be played or they have no other choices available. Should you get the point where you believe you are stuck, then you should begin moving cards into your Ace stacks until you are granted more freedom to continue the game smoothly.