Solitaire is a relatively new addition to the gambling world. Normally, the game is played at home without the option to win any money. Thanks to online casinos, the popular card game is now available online – and players can win money as they play!

Rules and How to Play
The goal of solitaire is organizing all cards in the deck into suited groups from Ace to King. At online casinos, players can wager on each game they play, in order to earn cash winnings for successful games.

There are four spots at the top of the game board for these groups. At the bottom of the game board, the cards are laid out in seven piles. The first pile has one card face up, the second has one card face up and one face down, the third has two cards face up and one face down – and so on. As the player draws cards from the deck, they must place them in these piles, creating rows from K to 2 and alternating in colour. Players may forego this step, however, and add cards to the final suited groups as cards become available.

There are several ways that players can choose the draw from the deck. The common default lets players draw three cards at a time, only allowing them to use the first card. Players can also deal one card at a time. With every pass through the deck that the player makes, they lose points, however.

Many players often choose to place cards directly into suited groups, but a more advisable strategy would be the organize the cards into K – 2 columns first. This gives the player the chance to reveal all of the cards in the deck and presents less of a chance of the player getting stuck.

Players should also aim to uncover hidden cards whenever possible. If there are two cards that can be moved to the same spot, choose the one that is hiding another card. It is important for players to reveal the hidden cards to make building their decks easier.

Should you ever get stuck, and a card hiding a hidden card cannot be moved, consider ‘laddering’. This means that you should move the cards in that blocked column to the suited decks one at a time until it is possible to reveal the hidden card and go further in your game.

Klondike Solitaire (the game described above) is the one that you will find at online casinos, but it is possible to change the game up to make it more interesting. The most popular variation option is to change the number of cards that are turned over from the deck. The default option is to turn over three cards at once (using only the top card) with unlimited passes through the deck. Players can also set the game to turn over one card at a time, but they are only allowed one or two passes through the deck.