Roulette is an alluring online casino games, that has captivated players in land-based casinos for centuries. The game can be quite complex but the rewards are plentiful and abundant, making Roulette an attractive game for both high rollers and casual players.

Rules and How to Play
In roulette, up to eight players play separately against the House. The goal is to successfully predict which number the wheel will land on. Players must pick numbers or combinations of numbers before the croupier spins the wheel. Should any of the players predict correctly, they win a multiple of their wager size (which varies based on the type of wager they place).

There are many different type of bets that can be placed in Roulette. The bet that pays out the most is the single bet, in which the player wagers on one single number – the payout is 35/1. Players can also choose to bet on two, three or four numbers that are beside each other on the board. A street bet is a row of three numbers (11 to 1) and a line bet is two ‘streets’ (5 to 1). Players can wager on a column of numbers or the first, second or last dozen numbers on the wheel, but each bet pays out only 2 to 1. High/Low, Red/Black and Odd/Even bets pay even money.


Although the rules can be quite complex, roulette strategy is easier than you think. Players are advised to stick to low payout wagers. Placing one wager on multiple numbers is the key to a profitable roulette experience. While Single and Street bets have much higher payouts, they are very rare to win, so it is easy to go broke making these types of wagers.

Players should also think about employing a betting system, which determines how much they should wager depending on whether they are winning or losing. The most popular betting strategy is the Martingale Strategy, which requires players to double their bet anytime they lose. This allows players to make back all their money and then some when they finally win. Other betting systems work in the opposite way, so as to take advantage of winning streaks.

There are two main variations of Roulette. The first is European, in which the wheel has 37 spots (0 to 36). American roulette has 38 spots (0 to 36 and an additional 00 spot), making it much more difficult. As such, European Roulette is what your are most likely to find at online casinos.