Red Dog Strategy

Red Dog is a very simple online casino game, based on the concept of Hi-Lo. As such the strategy is really very easy to learn, understand and remember. Players should know which hands have the best odds of winning and stick to playing those cards only.

The most popular and effective strategy for playing Sic Bo requires players to stick playing spreads of 7 or higher. This is because this hand offers the lowest possible chance of winning with 54%. Spreads of 6 or lower have high house edges and are unlikely to win, so players should avoid these hands.

Another strategy depends on game selection. Most casino games are the same across the board, providing games with the same number of decks at all casinos; however, Red Dog is a bit different. You can find games with various numbers of decks – especially in the online world. You should remember that the more decks, the better. With six or more decks, the chances of hitting specific spreads are much higher, so players have a better chance of winning.