Red Dog

Red Dog is a popular casino variation of the game Acey-Deucey or Hi-Low. The game’s rules are a bit more complex, offering players are more exciting online gambling experience.

The game begins when the player places an Ante Bet, after which two face-up cards are dealt. If the two cards are directly before and after each other, then the hand is a push. If both cards are the same, the dealer places a third card on the table. Then, the dealer announces the spread, which is the number of cards between both. For example, if the cards 5 and 8 are dealt, then the spread is 2. A one card spread pays 5:1, a two card spread pays 4:1, a three card spread pays 3:1 and a spread or four or more cards pays 1:1.

Being a game based purely on chance, there is little room for strategy. There is no definite way for players to secure a positive and profitable outcome. However, there are few things that players should consider that may help them win. Players have a negative edge against the house if the spread is less than 7. While lesser edges present greater prizes, it is so uncommon for them to be dealt that wagering on anything less than a 7-card spread in the long run will not be profitable.

Players should also take into consideration the number of decks being used. It is important for players to recognize that the house edge decreases with each deck that is added to the game. As Red Dog can vary from having 1 to 8 decks, it is advisable to play games with more decks involved.

Red Dog is a very simple game, so there are few variations available. If players enjoy Red Dog but want to try something different, try Hi-Lo or Acey-Deucey. Both of these games are very similar to Red Dog and offer a comparable online gambling experience.