Pontoon Strategy

Pontoon is very similar to blackjack, so winning strategies for the game are very similar. It all depends on knowing when to stand, when to hit and when to fold. Each strategy varies depending on the number of cards you have in your hand, whether it is two, three or four.

Two Card Hands

If you have two cards in your hand, you should hit if it totals 5 to 9 and 12 to 14. With 10 and 11 you should double your wager. If you have anywhere from 15 to 20, you should stand. When it comes to hands with Aces, you should hit with hands from A2 to A7 and stand with hands A8 to A10.

Three Card Hands

If you have a three card hand, then you should hit only if you have 5 to 8 or 12 to 14. You should double on hands equalling 9 to 11. Like two card hands, you should stand on any hands totalling 15 to 20. If you have A2 to A7, hit. If you have A8 to A10, then double.

Four Card Hands

If you have four cards in your hand, then you should double on all totals aside from 17 – 20. Then, you should stand.

This is quite a lot of information to remember, so we recommend practicing these strategies out online first. In the online casino world, you can play Pontoon at your own pace and even keep a strategy table at hand in order to help you out. So, play a few hands of Pontoon online first so that you can internalize these guidelines.

While they are not guaranteed to win 100%, these strategies have been proven to work most of the time. If you follow these strategies closely, you will experience a winning result in the long run.