Let Them Ride Poker Strategy

Let Them Ride (or Let It Ride) Poker is a popular variation on traditional poker games. It presents the same thrill of wagering on the strength of your own poker hand, but eliminates the often complex aspect of bluffing and reading your opponents. You are paid out based on the strength of your hand on its own, rather than its strength in comparison to other players.

Because Let Them Ride is a simplified version of traditional poker, winning strategies are also quite simple. Like Blackjack and other simple card games, employing a winning strategy simply consists of knowing when to Let It Ride and when to fold.

After each player is dealt their hole cards, they can choose to fold their hand and get their initial wager back. It is only advised to Let It Ride at this point in the game if you:

1. Already have a winning hand
2. Have three cards to a straight draw (consecutive)
3. Have three cards to a straight flush with at least one or two high cards.

After this round, the dealer reveals one of two community cards. This is the second point at which players can choose to retrieve their initial wager. There are also several rules for letting it ride at this point. So, online Let It Ride if you:

1. Have a winning hand
2. Have four cards to a flush
3. Have four cards to a straight

In traditional poker games, many players choose to fold small winning hands like pairs or three-of-a-kinds. However, these are still winning hands and you should always play them in Let Them Ride Poker. They have the potential to improve, turning into larger hands like full houses and four-of-a-kinds.

Players should always remember that Let It Ride Poker is a negative expectation game. This means that over the course of a period of time, the player will lose money if they continue to make the same wager over and over. The only way to combat this fact is to minimize the amount of money you wager during each hand. So, stick to smaller bets when playing Let Them Ride Poker and know when to walk away when you have won a desired amount of money.