Let Them Ride Poker

Let Them Ride (or Let It Ride) Poker is a popular poker game available at online and land-based casinos. The game relies on five-card poker hands, consisting of two hole cards and three community cards, offering a slower paced poker experience for players.

Let The Ride Poker is a simplified version of five-card stud poker. This is the case, as it is based on creating a poker hand out of a total of five cards rather than a total of 7, as you would find in Casino Hold ‘Em.

In order to play, each player must divide their initial wager into three. After the first set of cards are dealt, the player can choose to reduce their wager and take one-third of it back. Players can also choose to reduce their wager after the second community card is revealed. Players should keep in mind that a pair of tens is the lowest possible paying hand in Let Them Ride Poker. Players cannot win with a high-card hand or a pair lower than 10s.

In order to increase your chances of winning and minimize how much money you could possibly lose in one hand, the strategy depends on which hands are played. Typically, player should reduce their wager after their hole cards are dealt unless they have the following: 10s, three of a kind, three suited consecutive cards, three suited cards with one or two cards higher than 10.

If the player has chosen to see the hole cards, they should withdraw another third of their wager unless they have the following: a pair of tens or any higher pair, two pair, three of a kind, four suited cards, or four consecutive cards.

Aside from playing the traditional Five-Card Stud poker, in which you’re pitted against other players, there are some variations that involve placing side bets. The most common side bet offers players the chance to wager on the strength of the cards in their own three-card hand, similar to the Pair Plus option in Caribbean Stud and Three Card poker.