Keno is a popular lottery game that can be found at just about any online casino that’s available to Australian players. The game operates on a similar premise as national lottery games and bingo, where players must predict which numbers will be called. Thanks to the game’s easy rules, Keno has become a popular fixture at both Australian online and land-based casinos.

Rules and How to Play
Traditional Keno games are played with a large bubble that contains all of the numbered balls that players can wager on – from 1 to 80. The balls are shuffled inside of the device before 20 numbers are drawn. Players who match the most drawn numbers will win a cash prize.

Unlike bingo or the lottery, where players buy a card or a ticket at a fixed price, Keno requires players to place bets on their numbers. The higher their wagers, the bigger their payouts will be when they match numbers. The player’s prize also increases with the number of correct predicts they make.

Being a game that is based entirely on luck, there are very few ways that players can guarantee a positive outcome. However, there are a few tips that players should keep in mind.

Firstly, players should choose their numbers wisely. Experts recommend playing the same numbers every round until you win. Because the draws are random, it is likely that your numbers will be called eventually. If you continually mix up your numbers, you could risk having the numbers you wagered on last time getting drawn after you’ve moved on.

Bankroll management also comes into play when drawing up a keno strategy. Players should set a particular amount of money aside that they wish to spend on playing Keno. Then, they should divide their money up so that they can make the highest wagers possible every round. This increases payouts when your numbers are actually called, so that you don’t miss out on a big win when you end up matching numbers that are drawn.

In the online casino world, there are several different variations that Keno players can take part in. Power Keno offers players the chance to quadruple their wager if one of their chosen numbers matches the 20th number drawn. Super Keno operates on the same premise, but offers players additional cash for matching the first number. Combination Keno allows players to wager on sets of numbers rather than single numbers, increasing their chances of making a winning selection.