Craps Strategy

Craps is one of the most popular casino games to date. You always tend to think of this game when you think of high-class casinos and high-rollers. However, getting to know the game and learning how to have a profitable session are incredibly difficult. It takes a great deal of experience and practice in order to perfect your online craps strategy, so here is a guide to get you started.

One of the best pieces of knowledge that you can employ when playing craps is knowing which bets are good and which bets are bad. The pass line bet is actually the best bet that a player can make, as it offers low house odds of just 1.41%. A pass line bet must be placed before the next shooter takes their turn. If they roll a 7 or an 11, then you win the bet.

This is such a profitable bet, as it is more likely that you will win your pass line bets in the long run. This is because a 7 is the most likely roll of the dice. If you were to roll the dice 100 times, a 7 would be the result more than other total.

If you want to get a little more complicated, then move on to the odds bet. These bets can be wagered after the come out roll, and they must be a multiple of your initial pass line bet. You can win this wager if the next number rolled is a six or an eight. While 7s have a 16.67% chance of being rolled, 6s and 8s are also very likely with the same chance of 13.89%. These are the second-most likely numbers to be rolled, and making this wager can be incredibly profitable in the long run.

The next step to a successful Craps strategy is simply knowing which bets to avoid completely. Many of the highest paying bets are the ones that you should stay away from. While it may seem counterproductive, these wagers are meant to make you lose money. Big 6 and Big 8 bets (which wager on the possibility that a 6 or an 8 will be rolled before the next 7) have incredibly high house edges (over 9%). The Hard 10 and the Hard 4 are also incredibly bad bets, with house edges over 11%. These are bets that you should stay away from, and leave them up to the high rollers.