Casino War

Casino War is an exciting online casino game based on the card game War, which you were probably familiar with as a child. The dealer and the player are pitted against each other with only one card. Whoever has the highest card, wins.

The game begins when the player places an Ante Bet. The dealer then deals one card to himself and the player. If the dealer’s card is higher, then the player losses their Ante Bet. If the player’s card is higher, they win a payout of 2:1 and their raise is doubled.

If the dealer and the player are dealt the same card, the player has two options. The first is to surrender, and the player receives only half of their initial wager back. The second option is to go to war. During this round, both the dealer and the player double their initial wager before two additional cards are dealt. If the dealer’s second card is higher, the player loses all wagers. If the player’s card is higher, they receive all three sets of wagers. If the cards are tied again, the player also wins all wagers.

In a game named “War”, you would expect there to be at least a little bit of strategy involved. However, that is not the case. Like randomized casino games such as slots or bingo, there is no true way to increase your chances of winning. The only thing that can be done is refusing to surrender. Whenever the player surrenders, the house edge increases, so it is wise not to back down.

There are no variations of Casino War available at online casinos. However, players can take part in side bets, which help to change the rules of the game. In most versions of Casino War, there is a tie side bet that players can make. This wager pays out in the event that there is a tie. It certainly adds a bit of excitement to the game, and offers the player the chance to increase their winnings.