Casino Hold ‘Em Strategy

Making its debut in 2002, Casino Hold ‘Em is a relatively new game on the market. Despite only being around for over a decade, players have developed quite a few impressive strategies to help players secure a positive outcome while playing this popular variation of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

There are some situations when the play must always call, as they are most likely to have a better hand than the dealer. These hands include: an inside straight draw and a flush draw. An inside straight draw is when the player has three or four cards to a straight with the missing cards being in the middle of a hand. A flash draw is when a player has three or four cards of the same suit.

Players are recommended to call with suited connectors (for example, 5 6 of Aces), as they could form flushes or straights. However, there are some connected cards that are not worth playing. These are normally connected cards lower than 5 6. Connected cards higher than 7 8 should be played.

Players should also call when one of their cards pairs with a flop card. Some players believe that they should not play low pairs, without considering that they are only playing against one player. Because they are only facing the dealer, it is unlikely that the player will have a lower hand if they have a pair.
However, players should also consider that the cards on the flop, turn and river could also improve the dealer’s hand. In this way, it is very much like traditional Texas Hold ‘Em, but the dealer does not give off any tells to inform the player of what he or she might have.

When the player has what would be considered a marginally-good hand (such as a pair), it is important to pay attention to the flop cards. If they are likely to make a straight or a flush, the player should be wary as the dealer could be close to making one of those hands. Especially if they player has a low pair, it might be a good idea to fold.

The Ante bet option is also something to consider. By opting in to the Ante wager at the beginning of the game, the player can earn an additional prize for making certain hands.  These hands are a straight flush, four of a kind, full house and a flush. This is only recommended if the player has the bankroll to support playing the Ante wager every round. Otherwise, it is advisable to pass.