Casino Hold ‘Em

Casino Hold ‘Em is a common game at both online and land-based casinos. The game is based on the popular Texas Hold ‘Em poker game, but there is one key difference – the player is competing against the dealer rather than other players. This simplifies the traditional Texas Hold ‘Em game, so players can easily learn the basics of the game, as they do not have to worry about reading other players and bluffing.

The game begins just like any other Texas Hold ‘Em game. Both players are dealt two cards. The player must make an Ante bet to continue playing and has the option of making side bets, as well. Then, the flop is dealt. The flop is three face-up cards in the middle of the board, which players can use to complete their poker hand. After examining their hands, players can choose to double their Ante bet or fold, which will cause them to lose their initial Ante wager. If any other player calls, the turn and the river (fourth and fifth community cards) are dealt. Each player then compares their hand to the dealer’s in order to determine who wins.

The dealer can only qualify if his hand is a pair of 4s or higher. If they dealer does not qualify or if the player’s hand is higher than the dealers, then the player wins a multiple of their Ante bet. If the dealer’s hand is better than the player’s, the Ante bet is lost.

Casino Hold ‘Em strategy is actually very similar to the strategies you would employ in order to win a hand of Texas Hold ‘Em. This mainly depends on the two cards the player is initially dealt. If you have a pair, you should certainly play your hand, regardless of how low it may be. If you have two face cards, you have the chance to pairing up on the flop. If your cards are suited and connected, you should considering playing this hand – but fold if they do not connect with other hands on the flop. Ideally, players should only fold about 20% of their hands.

While there are no direct variations of Casino Hold ‘Em, there are side bets that the player can make. There is the AA Bonus side bet, which offers the player a bonus if they make a pair of Aces or higher. The payouts for this side bet begin at 7 to 1 for AA and can offer as much as 100 to 1 for a royal flush.

If players enjoy the general concept of Casino Hold ‘Em, they should also consider Texas Hold ‘Em or Caribbean Stud Poker.