Match Bonuses

In the online casino world, there are many great bonuses out there for players to take advantage of. These are often difficult to find in the land-based casino world, as operators have less money to spend on player rewards. Operating costs in the online gambling world are much lower, so operators can afford to give away more in terms of bonuses and promotions. However, it is rare for a casino to give away something for nothing, so match bonuses create the perfect opportunity to earn extra cash.

A match bonus is one that requires players to deposit money in order to earn their bonus. First deposit bonuses normally offer players a 100% match on their first deposit, doubling their money. After the initially deposit, the match percentage normally decreases to about 50%. Sometimes, casinos offer match bonuses greater than 100% for high rollers and players who deposit more than $1000 at a time.

An example of a common match bonus would require the player to deposit money before receiving the bonus cash. If a player deposits $10, the bonus would reward them with an additional $10 for a total $20 bankroll. For a 50% bonus, the player same player would receive $5 for a $15 bonus.

Because players are required to deposit money in order to obtain their bonus, casinos are fairly relaxed about wager requirements. These rules dictate what the player must do in order to be able to withdraw money after receiving their bonus. They often state that players must spend their bonus amount 20x before being able to withdraw their bonus. This means that a player would have to wager their $5 20 times, spending $100 in total at the online casino.

Using cash earned from a match bonus is often treated as additional revenue. Players commonly use their bonus cash to wager on games that they have never played before and would like to try.

Match bonuses are available at just about any online casino. They are common, as they are easy to give away and do not cost the casino much money. If you are signing up to a new casino, be sure to keep your keep eye out for match bonuses worth 100%, as they are incredibly beneficial regardless of how much money you choose to deposit.