Cricket Australia Bans Players For Betting

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Gambling corruption is an issue that is taken very seriously in sports leagues across Australia. Regulatory bodies are committed to cracking down on insider betting, and it is not uncommon for them to hand out bans to players who are found to be violating the rules. Recently, two women’s cricket players have been handed bans due after wagering on men’s matches.

Hayley Jensen and Corinne Hall, who play in the National Women’s Cricket League, have been suspended for 18 months for wagering on matches last year. Jensen admitted to betting on a men’s test match between Australia and New Zealand while Hall wagered on two men’s matches in a one-day competition in 2015.

A third player was also reprimanded. South Australian player Joel Logan was sanctioned for betting on the World T20 tournament, and was handed a two-year ban. All three individuals must take part in anti-corruption education programs.

“We take a proactive, zero-tolerance approach to maintaining the integrity of our sport and this includes any form of betting on cricket globally,” says Ian Roy, the Head of Integrity at Cricket Australia. “These players have accepted the seriousness of their errors and have voluntarily accepted their sanctions.”

The punishment of these three players serves an example. Any players who are considering wagering on sports should take a step back and resist the urge. Otherwise, they could face similar repercussions.

While there is no evidence that the players were benefitting from insider knowledge, it is still risky to bet on leagues in which they are directly involved. As such, they have been punished accordingly, and Cricket Australia is hopeful that other players will not go down this same path.